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April-May 2014

Dear Friends,

on my way out from the Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery (sumptuous and perfect: do not miss it), I was thinking that London has an Italian heart, a heart with strong and regular beats that makes itself heard in every corner of this rather immense city, every day of this undecided spring  MORE


Please note: the Laterza series is proving exceptionally popular, therefore, whilst we recommend that you book your place, we cannot guarantee that you will find a seat in the main auditorium. However, we will provide extra seating from where it will be possible to watch the conference live on the screen. MORE

di Elisabetta Rasy

translates Attilio Bertolucci

Emanuele Trevi on:
Mervyn Peake
George Orwell

Il Premio, dedicato a Luigi Malerba, intende segnalare ad anni alterni un’opera di narrativa (romanzo,
raccolta di racconti) o una sceneggiatura o trattamento cinematografico e consiste nella pubblicazione
dell’opera vincitrice nella collana dedicata al Premio Luigi Malerba da MUP Editore (Monte Università






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Whether you want to learn Italian for personal interest, everyday life,  your profession or for university studies – you will not tbe disappointed with our courses...MORE

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The Raindance Film Festival aims to show the very best in new independent cinema from around the world and specialises in first-time directors and discovery. The Festival accepts films of all lengths and genres and is committed to showing the boldest and most innovative work, and films that challenge the boundaries of filmmaking. 
Submissions are now open for the 22nd Raindance Film Festival taking place in London between September 24th- October 5th 2014. MORE
The Italian Cultural Institute supports the Festival and invites all the talented Italian filmakers to submit for the Italian strand La Dolce Italia.

You can now watch on demand My Destiny (Dimmi che destino avro') by Peter Marcias
Italian Films UK is a limited company created in order to promote Italian movies in the UK. Every year our company organises screening events for Italian Cinema in London.ITALIAN CINEMA LONDON festivals, retrospectives and special screenings have taken place at BAFTA, Riverside Studios, Genesis Cinema, Phoenix Cinema, the Estorick Collection and in private venues

Please note that owing to the high number of cultural proposals that the Italian Cultural Institute in London receives, we are not in a position to provide feedback on each one. Should it be possible to include it in our program, the applicant will be contacted by the Institute.





Thursday, April 24, 2014


B. BRITTEN Lachrymae op. 148N. ROTA Sonata in do maggioreN. ROTA Intermezzo in si minoreP. HINDEMITH Sonata op. 11 n. 4The Duo comes out in 2003 of the meeting of musicians proceeding from different experiences in the soloist as well as in >>>


-Il diritto di essere italiani (18 Ius Soli - The right to be Italians) + Q & A - The Other Series

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Il diritto di essere italiani (18 Ius Soli - The right to be Italians) + Q & A - The Other Series

The film has received recognition in many International festivals and deals with the delicate theme of citizenship in Italy. In fact, the law 18 IUS SOLI refers to the second generation Italians. Born in Italy from immigrant families, 18 IUS SOLI are >>>


-The restoration of the <i>Accademia di Venezia</i>

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The restoration of the Accademia di Venezia

With the completion of the restoration work of the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice, in the large complex of Santa Maria della Carita', the area available for the museum has been expanded to 12,000 square meters. The restoration and conservation, conducted >>>


-Leopardi’s Italians: then and now

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Leopardi’s Italians: then and now

Italy has been, over the centuries, the object of admiration for the greatness of its artistic and literary history, unequalled by any other country in the world; but, at the same time, it has also been the object of criticism, even violent, for the anarchic >>>


-Franco Marcoaldi tells of Giorgio Caproni

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Franco Marcoaldi tells of Giorgio Caproni

In an intimate journey, made of words and images, Franco Marcoaldi, one of the most renowned and appreciated poets in Italy and abroad, offers a complete portrait, human and artistic, of one of the greatest Italian poets of the Twentieth Century. Through >>>


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